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Cinesylum Productions Inc.

Cinesylum Productions Inc. is a multifaceted production company, rental house, and cross-disciplinary artist's collective based in New York City.  It was founded in late 2018 by filmmakers Kateryna Czartorysky and G. Chandler Cearley.  The team specializes in creating short form content geared towards supporting and attracting young, urban audiences with a concentration in interdisciplinary collaboration.


Coming Soon:

"NEVERMIND" - Jody Leylac (Official Music Video)

A Cinesylum Productions Inc. Production

In Development: 

"Park Rangers in Training" | A Mockumentary

Co-Created by Kateryna Czartorysky

& G. Chandler Cearley

Recently Completed: 

Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

Written by G. Chandler Cearley & Emmet Padgett

Two NASA janitors accidentally blast themselves into space on a mysterious craft, the “Voyager PEN-15”, only to find themselves on a mission heading towards a violent alien planet.

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