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"1010" (Official Music Video) | Melika (2021)

"Nevermind" (Official Music Video) | Jody Leylac (2019)

"Love You" (Official Music Video) | J!mmy (2019) Producer

"Adrift" (Official Music Video) | J!mmy (2019) Producer

TaskRabbit Spec Commercial (Christmas 2018)

Hibernation Pod

VOYAGER PEN-15 (2018)

A University of North Carolina School of the Arts Production

Two quirky NASA janitors accidentally blast themselves into space on  mysterious craft Voyager PEN-15, only to find out that they are part of mission with much darker intentions.

Starring Patrick Monaghan, David Henderson,

Lee Darnell, Margaret Gayford & John Boni

Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

Written by G. Chandler Cearley & Emmet Padgett

Produced by Abraham Bengio and Matseliso Tlelai

Production Design by Lorr Volatier

Behind the Scenes

IMDb Page

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Commercial: The Marsh

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Commercial: The Dunes

Kat Von D Spec Commercial | (2018)


​Karen, an Appalachian backwoods native, sets out on a journey into the unknown world of modern civilization trying to find aid for her injured sister with a bumbling sidekick named Pringo.

Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

Written & Shot by G. Chandler Cearley

Starring Hannah Myers & Josh Browner

Shot on location in Winston-Salem, NC


A collaboration between the

University of North Carolina School of the Arts and the Konrad Wolf Film University at Babelsburg, Germany

Cassiopeia is a film that intertwines the stories of two women who are both beholden to their male counterparts. As their paths cross in unexpected ways, one of them finds the courage to break away from a controlling relationship and with her newfound strength, provides encouragement to the other woman to break away from the man who is controlling her.


Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky & Savannah Gisleson

Behind the Scenes

The Bearded Woman
Simms Wright, DP
Chandler Cearley, DP
Cast & Crew

A University of North Carolina School of the Arts Production

12 year-old Charlie lives in a small town in the mid-west. In addition to his misunderstood autism, Charlie’s development has been inhibited by his obsessive and coddling mother. Anxiety-ridden and unable to sleep, Charlie resorts to following the advice of a hippie spiritual healer who urges him to eliminate the biggest obstacle in his life. Unbeknownst to the healer, he has just planted a seed in Charlie’s mind that will blossom into tragedy.


Starring Leo Kaiser, Christopher Gallagher​ & Tammy Bason

Written & Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

Produced by Jonathan C. Finney & Moriah Hall

Director of Photography: Kate St. Onge

Production Designer: Sofia Yankelevitch 

Poster Design by Kateryna Czartorysky

IMDb Page

CHARLIE (2016)

Cast & Crew

Oksana (2017)

Short Doc,  3:23

Ukrainian WWII survivor Oksana Wolchuk mourns the impending loss of her home and possessions as she faces the life she has known coming to an end.


Shot & Edited by Kateryna Czartorysky 

Prehistoric Courtship (2016)

Narrative Short,  5:24

A three-part glance at romance

in 10,000 BC.


Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky


DP: G. Chandler Cearley


Starring Cricket Brown & JonathanFinney

Ablution (2016)

Avant Garde Short, 2:34

Secrets are kept in bathtubs.

Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

DP: Trent Spivey

Score by G. Chandler Cearley

Vika (2016)

Avant Garde Short, 3:28

Experimental dance piece inspired by the performance art of Marina Abramovic and Heather Hansen. 

Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

DP: Trent Spivey

Hair/Makeup by Lindsey Brown

White Lies [Official Music Video] (2015)

Music Video, 5:19

Classical ballet meets Chinese opera.


Artist: Geoffrey Hufford

Directed by Kateryna Czartorysky

DP: Graham Kennedy


Natalie Kirk

Emilee Harney

Tariek David

George Hamilton

Gaby Hernandez

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